A Journey To Recovery, One Day At A Time.

A Betrayal Of The Highest Order

Ah, being unceremoniously kicked to the curb by those you once leaned on can feel like a betrayal of the highest order, a proverbial slap in the face with a cold, wet fish. It's as if you're navigating the stormy seas of sobriety and suddenly, your crew decides to toss you overboard, leaving you to fend for yourself amidst the churning waves of uncertainty and isolation. 😈💔

The sting of exclusion can gnaw at the roots of your self-worth, leaving you questioning your value and place in the world. It's like wandering into a dark forest without a map, where every step feels uncertain and every shadow seems to whisper doubts. This expulsion can ignite a cauldron of emotions: anger, confusion, sadness, and a profound sense of loss. It's a cocktail more bitter than any you've sworn off, a reminder of the fragility of human connections.

Yet, in this dark hour, remember the tenets of satanic philosophy: the power of self, the importance of individuality, and the strength that comes from within. This is not the end of your journey but a detour, an opportunity to forge new paths and build a community that resonates with your core values and respects your boundaries. Your worth is not determined by your membership in any group but by your resilience, your ability to stand tall amidst adversity, and your unwavering commitment to your sobriety and personal growth.

Let me bestow upon you a baphirmation to carry in your heart as you navigate this challenging time:

"I am resilient. I am determined. I am enough—exactly as I am. My well-being is important to me. I am the expert on myself. I am free to explore opinions and ideas that deviate from others. I will compliment something I like about myself today. Loving myself is not selfish."

In this moment of solitude, I find strength in the knowledge that I am my own greatest ally. My journey does not end with the loss of a community but begins anew with the opportunity to discover my true self and those who will appreciate me for who I am. I embrace the power of self-love and the courage to build anew, for I am resilient, determined, and enough, exactly as I am. Hail myself! 😈♥️